Ariel Schiff

Ariel Schiff is an innovative leader in medical technology and AI. As Co-founder and CEO of VocaVibe, he’s advancing Parkinson’s disease diagnosis and monitoring through speech analysis. Ariel also a co-founder of JUBAAN, which developed a device for colorectal cancer diagnosis using tongue image analysis, and machine learning.

He consults at Sheba Medical Center and contributed to the Dina Recanati Medical School at Reichman University. Ariel holds medical, business, and public health degrees from top Israeli institutions.

Ariel founded the «Integrative Medicine Initiative,» a group of 500 medical students across Israel dedicated to advancing healthcare with IM.

He also lead a student group in the IsraelGermany Future Foundation project at Charité University Hospital, focusing on patientdoctor communication using insights from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

With proficiency in multiple languages and extensive expertise in data analysis, Ariel Schiff is a pivotal figure in harnessing technology to improve healthcare outcomes.