Dr. Daniela Koppold

Dr. Daniela Koppold is a general practitioner (family doctor) and researcher at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin and Technical University of Dresden.

Since 2017 she works in the research team of Prof. Michalsen and PD Dr. Christian Kessler (Berlin) and since 2022 also in the team of Prof. Seifert (Berlin) as well as since 2024 in the team of Prof. Schwarz (Dresden), focusing her research on fasting from a preventive and therapeutic but also mental, emotional and religious perspective.

She has authored several publications on fasting in peer-reviewed international journals and presented data on fasting during chemotherapy at the oncology congresses ESMO 2023 (Madrid) and SABCS 2023 (San Antonio, Texas).

She sees traditional medicine and nutrition as the way forward for global healthcare systems and teaches these topics to medical students at Charité University and to medical doctors.

She is also involved in developing new and innovative teaching curricula on the topic of nutrition that are being used by the university and for continual medical education.