Gali Stoffman

Gali Stoffman is an integrative medical doctor, who specializes in Pediatric Chinese medicine.

Dr. Stoffman acquired her MD at the Sackler Medical Faculty of Tel Aviv University.

Since 2019, Dr. Stoffman serves as the director of the Integrative In-patient Services of Barzilai Medical Center, Israel.

From 2020 she is also the Medical Director of Maccabi Tivi, the Complementary and Integrative Medical Services of Maccabi Healthcare Organization (HMO) Israel, which consists of some 1100 CIM practitioners and medical doctors. In addition to her clinical activities, for the past thirteen years, Dr. Stoffman has been teaching a one year long post-graduate program of Pediatric Chinese Medicine, in collaboration with Mr. Julian Scott (England), as well as teaching Pediatric Chinese Medicine, within integrative medicine programs in the Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University and Technion Schools of Medicine.

Dr. Stoffman teaches pediatric Chinese Medicine seminars in various TCM schools in Europe and has served as Key Speaker on several occasions in Pediatric Day of the Rothenburg TCM Congress, Germany.

She has authored various articles and a textbook chapter concerning TCM treatment in children.

Dr. Stoffman is an elected board member of the Israel Society for Complementary Medicine of the Israel Medical Association, since 2019.