Dr Deniah Pachai

Dr Deniah Pachai is an Integrated Medical Specialist and Founder of Doctors Do Yoga, a Social Enterprise committed to promoting wellbeing for healthcare practitioners and their patients.

She works as a GP on the NHS in Urgent Care and is a Medical Acupuncturist based in London, UK. She teaches Lu Jong Yoga, Shiné Meditation and the Tog Chöd Wisdom Sword Practice.

She teaches a weekly yoga class to staff at Ealing Hospital, a community class in her neighbourhood and has been teaching online classes since the pandemic. Working on the frontline, she realised how beneficial this would be for the physical and mental wellbeing of people during this very stressful time. She firmly believes that we as healthcare professionals can significantly improve health and wellbeing by accessing our innate physical intelligence through meditation and yoga practice. This allows us to connect to, and heal, our subtle body and mind. This is where disease and illness is believed to first manifest. We can ultimately discover our own true nature of love, kindness and generosity, raise our awareness and integrate compassionately with all living beings.

We could bring spirituality back into healthcare while still ensuring that we provide the highest level of medical care to our patients through maintaining high standards in medical education and evidence based practice.